Course Structure
Entery Requirements


The Supplemental Coaching Program offered by EDUPEDIA addresses this same need of creating a successful student rather than a student who is successful only in his /her end term examinations. The program unlike other tuition programs is not focused on making students score marks by making them rote learn the concepts. The program is designed to impart students with skills and concept clarity, which would lead to:

For each class we would provide the following:

  • Mathematics Study Material
  • Physics Study Material
  • Regular Tests would be conducted and assignments provided by teachers

IIT JEE Course Methodology

  • Course methodology is aimed at helping the students understand the concepts thoroughly
  • It helps them develop a logical approach to Maths, Physics and Chemistry, for an effective learning
  • The course has a comprehensive coverage of Maths and Physics and is designed in accordance with CBSE syllabus, which is followed in JEE Main and Advanced exams and others viz. VITEEE, KIITEE,NDA as well.

Good knowledge in scientific results through out the world...and updated in science frictin news...